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FONSECA: Our problem is mental right now

Read what coach Paulo Fonseca had to say following Friday's 3-2 home defeat against Bologna.

The Giallorossi fell to a second successive defeat in the league, as Musa Barrow scored twice following Riccardo Orsolini's opener to drive the visitors to victory at the Olimpico.

For the Giallorossi, a Stefano Denswil own goal and header from Henrikh Mkhitaryan briefly threatened to get them back into the game - although a late red card for Bryan Cristante was a further blow the side could not recover from.

Bologna deserved to win tonight. What went wrong?

"I have to say that the team was really affected by the last defeat against Sassuolo. We didn't look assured enough in defence tonight - the players were too relaxed. The team struggled after the first and second goals. There was a reaction in the second half but the sending off made things difficult - our problem is mental right now. And we're making a lot of defensive errors."

You've lost four games in 2020 and conceded 13 goals. Has the time come to make changes to the team?

"We'll see. I know this isn't an easy time. I'm responsible for that, as always. I need to think about what I can change and improve, while maintaining the balance. The team has done a lot of things well over the course of the season - it's a mental thing.

"I need to work with the players and make them believe that we can do a lot better. I've told the lads that whether we win or lose, the most important thing is to be brave and play without fear. I need to look at what I can change, but be balanced about it."

Roma's pressing game paled in comparison to Bologna's aggressive press tonight. Is that what you're referring to?

"It's an issue when we give our opponents too much space. If we don't press and close down the space the way we need to, that's a problem. We conceded the same type of goals as we did against Sassuolo. We can do a lot better individually. I don't like talking about specific players, because I'm the one that's responsible for what happens.

"That said, the goals we're conceding are coming from one on ones where the opposition comes inside and is able to get a sight of goal. It feels like something is going on with our defence recently. We need to work to change that. It's not a massive problem, but we need to show courage and work hard to change."

Is fitness an issue?

"I don't think so. When a team isn't in a good place physically, it can't react. Honestly, I don't think it's a fitness issue."
Source: As Roma
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